January 2019 Edition

January 2019 Edition


Welcome to a way to unwind, plan ahead and experience something new! This is the Ladies side of B.E.D....stay tuned for "his side of the B.E.D" ( get reviews movies, games and things that men care about)

Written by- Maryam Horgan 

BOOKS - The Alchemist Paulo Coelho 

 A book of new beginnings, of journey and facing the fear of taking risks! Its a great story to help you kick off your New Year. It's my belief that every person will take different lessons and meaning from this inspiring story. 


If you are looking for something affordable, in the winter, fun and exciting, indoor lacrosse might be your next new addiction! 


  1. Traveling to downtown Denver
  2. Paying for parking $10 - $25 
  3. Having to get up to pee when you are in the middle of the row


  1. Tickets can be very cheap and usually have family packs that include meals 
  2. In indoor lacrosse, the Pepsi Center is famously known as, THE LOUD HOUSE. The game is fast-paced, high energy with crowd involvement 
  3. Game nights are usually themed, making it fun to dress up and participate Hawaiian night, Black out night, Kids day out, Lacrosse out Cancer etc...  Indoor lacrosse pulls from many different sports, the rules are basic and the concept of the game is easy to learn.
  4. Even if you have never been to an indoor lacrosse game, you are likely to have a general understanding of what is happening on the field. 
  5. The game is played in 4, 15 minute quarters with 2 minutes between quarters and 1, 15 minute half time. So not much waiting around for the game to be played. 


Midici Neapolitan Pizza Excellent Lunch Special 

With new locations in the Denver Tech Center, Westminster and Castle Rock! 

This pizza place has an upscale feel at a great price! Their lunch special Mon - Fri 11 am - 2 pm is an oven fired Pizza, Soup or Salad for $9.95!

They have an oil and spices bar, enhancing your pizza. As a gluten free member of society it can be discouraging when you go to a pizza place and cant eat or their gluten free crust tastes like a paper bag. The pizza was well worth my $10. 



Do not forget to try the Sorbetto! 



 Now Get Some Rest - You Have A Very Busy Month Ahead Of Experiences!