Organic Chicken Burrito Bowls

Organic Chicken Burrito Bowls

My kiddo LOVES Qudoba.... me...not so much. Sorry Qudoba...

If you are not familiar with Qudoba, maybe you know about Chipotle or Illegal Petes? 

If still no....think burritos, with rice, beans, veggies, cheese and sour cream. 

Honestly, the real reasons I don't love eating out is because I want to be in more control of my food. I want more organic choices and I want to control my calorie intake. I feel better eating meat that has been allowed to live a natural life and live more healthy. In my opinion, organic anything tastes better. Organic tomatoes smell like the sun. Organic lettuce is sweet and crunchy. Organic sour cream and cheese taste's fresher. 

You dont have to spend an arm and a leg to buy organic. My local grocery store carries many organic options and sometimes cheaper prices then non- organic. Do your research and buy what you feel fits best in your budget. 

If you still aren't sold on organic, that is fine.  You can get all of these ingredients non- organic and be just fine. 


Making these burritos bowls at home is EASY, delicious and I get to say how much cheese and sour cream I want added....which is usually a lot. 

Okay, so how do I build this mountain of deliciousness?

Here's what you need 

2 lbs Organic Chicken Breast 

2 tbsp of Vegetable Oil 

4 Cups of Organic Basmati Rice ( you can use Jasmine too, but being in a Persian household we have Basmati on always...) 

2 Large Organic Tomatoes 

1 Organic green leaf lettuce ( any lettuce except iceberg will work) 

1 Organic Red Onion 

3 Cans of Organic Black Beans Rinsed ( you can get pinto if you prefer, or use dried. Let them soak for 24 hours then use. I made a quicker version for this night)

1 Jar of Newmans Natural Queso ( that is my fav brand. It doesn't have a ton of stuff that's bad for your body in it.  You can get whatever you like or make it from scratch. I have made organic queso. But in this recipe I wanted this to be done quicker so I cheated and bought from the store) 

3 Limes 

1 package of Organic Cheddar Cheese. It should be white. You can use a Mexican cheese blend too. 

1 Container of Organic Sour Cream. 

Kosher Salt, pepper, ground cumin and chipotle powder to taste. 


Here's what I did 

Chop your chicken breast into about 1 or 2 inch cubes. Grill with vegetable oil, add a pinch of salt, pepper, ground cumin and chipotle powder or to taste. You can do this with a grill pan, cast iron or on your BBQ.... keep your chicken warm until your ready to serve. 

While your chicken is grilling,rise your black beans then boil your black beans with enough water to cover the beans. Add a pinch of salt, pepper, ground cumin and the juice of one lime. Let that simmer once it gets to boiling. 

Make your rice ( you can read my blog on making good rice or you can follow the directions on your rice maker or bag of rice....I suggest you read my blog...) When your rice is done hit it with the juice of a full lime. 

While your rice cooks rinse and dice your tomatoes and red onion. Put aside in a bowl. Add the juice of one lime. Rise and chop your lettuce, put aside in a bowl.

Heat up  your jar of queso in a small pan or microwavable bowl. 

Add about 1 cup of sour cream to a bowl and add about 1 tablespoon of water. Stir. This will help you get a creamy consistency to be able to drizzle over your rice. 

Time to build your master piece....

add about a cup of rice to plate. Cover with a cup of black beans and a cup of your grilled chicken breast. 

Add a few tablespoons of sour cream to your liking and shredded cheese. 

Add about 1/2 cup of queso 

Top with tomato, red Onion and lettuce to your liking. 

I eat mine with green Tabasco sauce. You can eat it with whatever salsa or sauces you enjoy. 

 You will have a big batch to be able to enjoy for dinner of lunch tomorrow! And no one has to drive to get it!