A Business Coach....do I need one?

A Business Coach....do I need one?


I had ALWAYS wanted to start my own business. I was a born entrepreneur and have been constantly thinking of new innovative ideas and ways to get things done. When it came time to finally put my life into my own hands and deciding I would be my own boss, I felt I was ready to take on the world! Yea...dreamy right?

With lots of momentum at first things seemed like they would be fun and exciting! But I will tell you, when it came time to ACTUALLY starting my legit business, quieting my paying job and deciding this was it, I was not ready for the challenge that laid ahead. I have a small child, I had no money put away, ! I had no idea where to start.

I spent almost two years "teaching" myself how to start my business.

Had I had someone I trusted or that I felt could give me good answers or some basic direction, I could have not wasted almost an additional year trying to get my business off the ground. On top of that I made EVERY.SINGLE.MISTAKE in the book and some that were pretty costly ( Yikes). 

As my company grew, I got to spend the next few years meeting some great women who, like me, were now trying to get their dreams into works. I would get the question quite often " how did  you get started?" or even " who made your business cards?" ( which I made myself) . I actually started to love seeing progress from my fellow lady dreamers as they started to gain momentum in their ideas. As time went on I found myself more and more interested in helping others  and started to realize I wanted to be able to help even more women move towards success. 

With this lifestyle page ( and PODCAST!) I will try to give you all the best tools I can find and the most free information that I think can be helpful. I hope to be a GREAT coach for you in life and business! 

You can find my PODCAST on most major music/podcast platforms! Search for A.W.Marz! Hope to see you there!