Making flowers "Sexy"

Making flowers "Sexy"

Making flowers "sexy"

How you can do it too!

 I dont know if you have noticed, but today's bride is not traditional. I would say it's getting "traditional " to do something un-traditional. Gone are the days of high collared wedding dresses and long sleeves. Satin gowns and gotty veils. Puffy shoulders ( I think that has been dead for like 30 years) and beaded dresses. 

Today Brides are sexy. Modern. Sophisticated. Or all three mixed together "Sexdernticated" ...get that...They want a dress that fits them like a glove and shows their hubby to be just how lucky he is. They want a dress to take the guests breath away, they want the women to talk about their dress choice long after their big day. To feel boosted with confidence and radiance! The dress's are getting shorter, more dramatic neck lines, more dramatic see through-ness, corset tops and bottoms that can be removed... to sum it 

So  if weddings are getting sexy, hows the floral looking? When it comes to floral, if your not going in the traditional route, are you planning something sexy? Have you even though about sexy flowers? That is a fun new challenge as a designer today. Of course we want jaws to drop when they see the Bride, but I have a little devil inside me that says " jaws should drop too when they see her flowers!" and we are getting there! Brides are going with over the top flower walls, back drops and cascades. They are looking for the floral chandeliers and over the top Bridal Bouquets. The Bohemian look is heating up every where and I would say 90% of my brides are wanting the non traditional look. 

I enjoy this look. I am in love with this look. I feel your flowers should be a representation of you! and your inner goddess! I want to give my clients a bouquet that steals breaths away. I love EPIC floral! I want each piece I design to be a memorable item of your wedding in itself. I have been playing with the idea of changing my business name to " Badass Floristry" ( still thinking about it)  just because of how much I need to push the boundaries of floral. But for weddings, I got to thinking "what's an even better way for Brides to remember their wedding flowers or even the Groom?" Bridal Floral Boudoir. 

Okay, I am sure I am not the first person to come up with it, but if you think about it, when you do shoot boudoir, it's usually a gift for the Mr. If your doing it as a wedding gift, why not add your flowers in their! They want to be sexy too! And plus...your new hubby will most likely NOT forget to buy you flowers again. Just sayin.

When Hien told me she was going to do a Bridal Boudoir shoot I thought, "what a perfect opportunity for me to showcase my clients another way to make memorable flowers!" So I asked Hien "Hey, how do you feel about shooting a Bridal Bouquet in that boudoir?"  and Hien, being as awesome as she is, was ALL About it.

I am sure your husband will remember you walking down the isle, holding Dads arm and looking simply perfect. He will remember your vows and the beautiful smile on your face. He WONT remember what his boutonniere looked like, he wont remember what the Bridesmaids bouquets looked like, but if we want him to * cough* "appreciate" your floral choice, then lets work on something he can reference at any time. 

Hien Photography and I have partnered on this little sexy adventure to offer her clients a little prop during your Bridal Boudoir shoot. A sexy Bridal Bouquet. Need one? Want one? Do one!  Contact Hien to set up your Boudoir photoshoot and you can upgrade your package with floral! Want to see how it all looks together? keep scrolling down. 


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