"Stop Trying"

"Stop Trying"


A somewhat controversial way to reach your goals and true happiness in life. Stop trying so hard. Stop over exhausting yourself. Stop forcing yourself. Stop beating yourself up. 

I am hoping to encourage you from my own experiences.


I was always the one to push myself harder and harder. On to the next job, the next advancement, the next goal. I would find myself getting frustrated with "issues" or events that would happen to me while trying to hit my goals. 

These "issues" is what is refereed to as LIFE...

You know the saying " when it rains, it pours" or when you have a little extra money and your check engine light comes on....

Yea, that is the issues I am talking about. 

We get stuck on this hamster wheel of always chasing happiness. Always chasing goals. We have a artificial perception that if we just keep going, keep trying harder we will find happiness. 

If we are lucky enough, once we reach a goal we have found bliss for a moment in life. For a moment in time we celebrate our self. We congratulate finally for the "hard work" or strenuous journey we took that got us to that moment. 

But what about all that time in between?

Our "life" didn't matter during that time because we were trying to reach a goal.

We thought our happiness was the focus of our goal, but we ended up putting our minds and bodies through torture to find this illusive happiness.

Our focus wasn't actually on our happiness, but doing the things to get us to happy. You end up feeling worse or defeated if you don't obtain this happiness and ALL the time in between becomes lost...

My goal with "Stop Trying" isn't to stop you from having goals.Have lots and lots of goals!!! My purpose is to help  you stop living through destruction to get to that goal.

To start seeing the joy in the present moment.  You can have fifty victories in your life, great! But what if you could have a million more?

What if we spent the time between reaching our goals AND focusing on finding joy in the current place we are in? Not to stop us from reaching our goal, but to stop us from being so harsh on our self during the transition. To stop us from living in a negative place. To decide happiness in not only in the reward but also in the present moment. 

I was the one who was never focusing on my current situation. I found myself bitter about my situations. Feeling depressed when I couldn't accomplish a goal. Feeling exhausted when I was working so hard on something and it didn't work out as I wished. 

I was like this until I was starting to only feel animosity in my life. Always feeling " why not me?" Constantly comparing my life and my success. Always wishing I  had more. Finding myself overly frustrated when an obstacle arose. Feeling the smallest things would set me back. 

I am a doer. So how could I ask myself to stop "doing" and my life would change? 

I realized that my end goals could still be accomplished without the punishment on my self. I realized my every day was becoming a competition and I was tired of playing. 

I invite you to start right now and stop trying. Tell yourself it's okay to relax. To understand happiness is not a detestation. Yes, there is things that can help  you be more comfortable in life but don't waste another minute feeling sorry for yourself. Don't you dare tell yourself your self care can wait any further. Stop trying so hard to reach that goal and find ways to enjoy the experiences  you are going through to get to that detestation.

For example, if you are trying to loose weight or become more healthy. Find classes or support from places or groups that make you FEEL happy. Don't just walk repeatedly get on the treadmill day after day and stair at a tv screen hoping that when you come off the treadmill  you will feel happier. 

Run outside...with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair! Smell the fresh dirt and flowers...

Join or start a group of like minded people who are wanting to try new techniques and are willing to explore. 

If it is a business venture you are trying to grow, talk about it with more people. Read success stories. Energize your mind with meditation and concentration. Network your business and find ways every day to do something fun with your business growth. 

These are just examples.  

That goal will come and you don't have to torture your mind and body through it. Experience your life day by day. Be present in the bad and the ugly. Handle them with gratitude. 

Thank yourself, be kind to yourself. Appreciate that you refuse to give up but you will no longer torture yourself for success. Tell yourself it's time to find the happiness in your day to day and not only in the end. You don't want to miss another minute of your life.