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Making flowers "Sexy"

Making flowers "sexy" How you can do it too!  I dont know if you have noticed, but today's bride is not traditional. I would say it's getting "traditional " to do something un-traditional. Gone are the days of high collared wedding dresses and long sleeves. Satin gowns and gotty veils. Puffy shoulders ( I think that has been dead for like 30 years) and beaded dresses.  Today Brides are sexy. Modern. Sophisticated. Or all three mixed together "Sexdernticated" ...get that...They want a dress that fits them like a glove and shows their hubby to be just how lucky he is. They want a dress to take the guests breath away, they want the women to talk about their dress choice...

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Meet Hien

Meet Hien Nguyen. "..expect the hard work, expect that there is going to be struggle..."  When I am not designing, or working or doing much of anything, I like to hunt through the forest of creative people. Looking for exciting, new people I would like to get to know. I am drawn to passionate people, exciting people. Ones exceptional at their craft. New people. Interesting people. Ones with interesting, different,  meaningful and inspiring stories. I dig different and unique people. Challenging what has never been done. I come from very little and had to make the best with what we had and I find the most creative people have a very similar background. I like the people that didn't always fit...

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Quit your day jobs and LIVE.

Photo// Bri Bond Photography.  Venue //The Dove Inn in Golden Colorado (go take a bath there)  I don't work anymore and let me explain why.    I made a promise to myself in August 2017. I would no longer let fear of failure control my life. I felt underappreciated in what I was doing, where I was working, even in being a Mom. I always felt this thing inside my soul, turning like a storm. Waiting. Constantly waiting. Waiting for my daughter to grow, waiting for my husband to make more money, waiting to see if I would ever get brave enough to do this. I felt like I wasn't living my life, just dreaming of maybe venturing out my...

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