Creating Your Brand

Creating Your Brand

If someone asked you to list 5 things about YOU, what are the first 5 things that come to mind? 

I initially thought "that's easy" and started listing off the 5 things I knew about myself. The list went something like this:

I am a Mother...

a Wife...

I am a Small Business Owner...

I am a coach ...

and a motivator....

I felt confident in my answers too!  I feel like that is me in a nutshell and felt I know myself pretty well...

However, it was then explained to me, "but do these describe YOU? Or are they titles that you carry?"

And that got me thinking....

They were right...

These are titles that I carry. Not a definition of WHO I am. 


When it came time to branding my company, I wanted a true reflection of what I am about, what I represent and what I want to offer the world. 

With my first profit generating company Arrangements with Marzeyeh. I did not start with a business plan OR any branding. This was a Floral Event based company that I decided to start out of my home with no experience in business management. 

I honestly didn't know anything about branding. And to be honest I didn't think much of it.  I choose a name I had thought about often and felt represented myself and what I was doing. 

so I choose Arrangements with Marzeyeh. 

Really the only "branding" I did was spend WAY to much time on a logo that I didn't even end up using....

For the first 2 years branding wasn't much of an issue. simply because I wasn't doing anything with my business. A few events here or there but that was it. I didn't have a business plan in place the first two years and kinda winged it ( the first reason my business got no where for two years...) 

Eventually, when I realized I didn't want to keep working for other people and making there dreams come true, I brought my business to life and gave it a strong heart beat!

I started to realize branding myself was the heart of my business and I had screwed that up by jumping into a name and into business.  

Second, I had no business cards...nothing... 

Here is a OLD picture of my second try at branding....

A BIG mistake I made was the name. Arrangements with Marzeyeh. 

Here is where I got wrong....


Not everyone can spell A-R-R-A-N-G-E-M-E-N-T-S believe it or not. They might forget the first E after the G and it became an issue. Especially spelling it out over the phone. 

Secondly, no one could spell ( or remember)  M-A-R-Z-E-Y-E-H, or even pronounce it correctly...but I can't blame them. It's a hard name. 

Last, EVERYONE keep messing up the WITH. It would be listed as Arrangements BY Marzeyeh. Arrangements FROM Marzeyeh...But never WITH. This made it challenging when people would try to tag me or find me on social media. 

I know it is odd to pick WITH but, in my mind, the company name meant I was working WITH my clients to arrange their flowers. Going off ideas and suggestions that they truly envisioned for their event.

It also helped lead me into my slogan " Want memorable flowers? I can arrange that"

This made more sense to people and they LOVED the slogan. I found it pretty catchy myself. Even as my business was growing, I could use my slogan in new ways to enhance the service I was providing. For example: "Want flowers that are lush, full and memorable? Dreaming of something wild and organic? Hoping to find unbeatable quality with exceptional client service ? I can arrange that. Arrangements with Marzeyeh."

I enjoyed the slogan and found a lot of use with it. But found my company name again, was always being messed up or someone not being able to find me online. I spent a larger amount of time spelling everything out then getting the client. 

I also started the dreaded ( dun..dun ..dun!) COMPARISON GAME....

All other florists names ( for some reason) consisted of two names with an AND in between them...

In example:

Rose AND Lily Floral company... Burch AND Twine....Lace AND Lily... I even came across a Bar tending and Floral Company ( I am assuming husband and wife duo) their name was something like Wine AND Peony....

After spending the dreaded time comparing myself to everyone else, I started playing with  my company name and was TTTTHHHHIIIISSS close to changing it to one of these two :

Rose AND Vine  Event Floral Company 


Bad-ass Floral ......( this one I found was already taken...and her stuff was pretty ah-hem...bad-ass) 

Comparing your business name is exhausting...taunting and defeating. 


After much thought and deciding I wasn't going to become another ROSE AND VINE and blend in with everyone else, I decided to transition my business name shorter and brought it to A.W.Marz. 

I still don't LOVE this name, but my clients found it much easier to find. No one even asked what the A and W stood for. And I learned...they really didn't care.

I think WE worry more about our company name then the consumer. 

HOWEVER....this DOESN'T mean we shouldn't take caution in what we call our company. 

It is still ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT factors in building your business. 

So as I am merging out of the relationship with my first love Arrangements with Marzeyeh. I am taking me with all the knowledge I learned and putting to work with my new branch of business. 

This next time around, I  have decided to go with Zeyeh Life and Business Design. 

Zeyeh is easier for people to pronounce. It is a shorter version of my name. Also no one else has it. I feel it sounds nice rolling off your tongue and is easier to spell. I wish I had one of those cool easy names, but I wanted a true representation of myself so here it is! 

I also wanted my new branch to reflect what my business is about.  I didn't want to go with "coaching" because I don't feel that is what I am doing. Zeyeh Business Coaching....Sounds to much like ALL the other business coaches... 

I wanted something that was play from my former company and what I feel I bring to the table. Which lead to the word DESIGN. 

I feel using the word DESIGN means more to me then COACH. 

I wanted to focus on helping entrepreneurs balance Life and Business from the experience I was going through and wanted to help "design" plans and tools that could work for everyone.

This all lead to Zeyeh Life and Business Design 

and my slogan?

"Ignite, Pursue, Obtain"

My mission:

"My company is BASED ON 3 ideas...IGNITE your PASSION, PURSUE your DREAM and OBTAIN your GOALS. We Value EDUCATING women entrepreneurs and EMPOWERING them with the tools they need to find the most success in Life and Business"


so... Maybe you are in the early stages of naming your business. Maybe you are re-branding. Now is the time to ask yourself. What is your business about? And what are you about? This leads us back to the first question.....

List 5 things to describe you....

For me they are now....






and I use these descriptions to remind myself WHO I am, not just WHAT I do. 

If you are waiting to start your business I invite you to download my FREE Business Planning Guide. Give yourself a head start and take some advice from someone who has been through it. It's not always me...but with the best tools you CAN make your dreams come true! 

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