The Magic of Landing Pages

The Magic of Landing Pages


We all LOVE a good built website. A website that is easy to use and navigate. One that has beautiful images and we can find what we need. But here's the truth about small business websites...unless it's or getting people to search around on your website has about a much of a chance as happening as your baby walking and putting himself on the potty at 2 months old...wishful thinking...but it aint gonna happen!

So let's get realistic about what works, where to spend our money and how to drive leads and sales to our company. 

I am talking about Landing Pages. They are little one page websites that simply tell your lead, guest or client to do only one thing. Example, if you are running a sale and you post "I am running a sale on my website, go check it out! Have some great items on sale!" on Facebook and hope to drive customers ( first, this is horrible advertising so don't use these words from me ) you might get a few here or there but not many will spend a long time going to the website to find the deals.

If you use a landing page, showing the item you have for sale and the purchase options or check out options available, the chances of you closing this deal has increased by 80%. People are more inclined to purchase, sign up or enter in their info straight away then having to hunt for something. 

When using Landing Pages, if used properly, they can generate the exact kind of lead you are looking for and get the person to do EXACTLY what you want them to do.  How does this kind of magic work you ask? Here are some tips I have.

Maybe you want to promote an event, or you want to get people to sign up for a newsletter, contest, mailing offer, invitation, etc ( the list can go on) you can build landing pages to help you capture these leads or generate the sale by making the landing page clear, simple to the point on what you want them to do.  Instead of putting the link to your website, add the link to your landing page. A lot of good quality landing pages will also have the option for automation ( if you don't know what that is click HERE and get ready to be blown away) 

Now I am NOT tech savoy. I already did all the hard work of trying to find the best and easiest ones ( you're welcome) This is what was important to me : 

I needed to find a landing page builder that was easy to use and understand. That simple. Some websites already have the options for you to build a landing page for your site so be sure to check there too! Mine does, but it didn't have all the customization I liked or wanted. 


Here are my favorite ( after trial and error)  and the level or difficulty they are to build 

#1 Clickfunnels. They have AMAZING landing page options and automation to help generate sales and leads. However, they were the most challenging for me to build on. I think if you are not tech savoy this is NOT the best option for you. But if you have experience in that field and want something with some great  tools, integrations, options and products Clickfunnels is a great choice 

#2 Leadpages, easy to use and build and was able to create with their free trail. Not as many cool integrations as Clickfunnels but more user friendly. 

#3 Infusionsoft This is my GO TO for landing pages and automation. I LOVE the services the have, the assistance and the customization. The issue is they are expensive and built for larger companies but I love the dashboard, the options and everything they offer. 


You can get my Webinars on Landing Pages and E-mail Marketing HERE 

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