Quit your day jobs and LIVE.

Quit your day jobs and LIVE.

Photo// Bri Bond Photography.  Venue //The Dove Inn in Golden Colorado (go take a bath there) 

I don't work anymore and let me explain why. 

I made a promise to myself in August 2017. I would no longer let fear of failure control my life. I felt underappreciated in what I was doing, where I was working, even in being a Mom. I always felt this thing inside my soul, turning like a storm. Waiting. Constantly waiting. Waiting for my daughter to grow, waiting for my husband to make more money, waiting to see if I would ever get brave enough to do this. I felt like I wasn't living my life, just dreaming of maybe venturing out my own. Going from job to job to get the pay check. Of course I enjoyed floral but could never fit into the flower shop. Trust me. I tried. From being told I was not good enough, to a know it all, to trying to take over the store. I couldn't fit in. I couldn't blend. After November I decided, if I cant blend then I either stand out or give up ( I LOVED my Brides last year but My "company" hadn't really got off to a great start with only 3 weddings) but I told myself its time for all or nothing.
The goal was 18. For 2018. 18 weddings and amazing couples to work with. I reached 7 by January. I pushed harder and reached 18 by March. I meet my goal in 3 months but it was to early to stop. I pushed HARDER. 24 by April. May... 25. And into June, I have reached 27. 
Not every day has been perfect, not every experience has been good, but EVERYTHING has taught me something. 27 reasons I didn't give up and decided to fade back into the mundane color of life.I don't work. I LIVE. I live from 8 am to midnight ( some Brides know if they get an email from me at 1 am lol ) I dont need appreciation anymore because I appreciate myself. I feel like I am finally the best I can be. No more waiting. I feel I am the Mom I dreamed of being. My daughter has seen me cry for this, build for this, work hard for this and even got to watch me host my first ever vendor event. I am proud of myself. I cant believe myself, I am surprised with myself and I hope moving into 2019 I can be an advocate for other small business owners. I hope to inspire you! set a goal. Reach it. Live your life! and make your own dreams come true.
Of course there is a few people I have to also thank! I want to give major LOVE to some exceptional business who have helped motivate and inspire me! Bri Bond Photography for capturing SO much of my flowers!
Sweet Nothings Catering for believing in me so much and your continue support
Prisma Weddings & Events Events for referring me to some wonderful couples that have rounded out my goal of 27! I hope to grow an even bigger impact with you!
There are many vendors I am hoping to grow even more with!
To ALL of my Brides, Clients and supporters or random person who liked something I posted and decided to follow me. Your likes, comments, shares and trust is simply amazing.
I hope to inspire everyone to stop working and start living. Everyone and anyone can make their life manifest into anything they desire. 

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  • Amber

    You are amazing Marzeyeh! Keep on keepin on girlfriend!!

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