About me


Long before I started my company, I knew I wanted to help people. I came from a very disadvantaged background and watched my mother struggle to make her way through life and support 6 children. I didn't have the education, money or tools to help me become successful and I was predicted to fail. 

Many times, I felt like a failure and wanted to just give it up, As I struggled through learning the ropes of running a profitable business, to trying to find balance with my home life, I felt like everything was falling apart. I felt like I couldn’t grasp on to anything. And my business failed. I went back to finding “work.”

I didn’t know then what I know now. When I started using these tools and strategies, I started to gain momentum quicker and started seeing real movement and success.

I started to feel excited again, brave and passionate! I learned new tools and practiced different techniques to find solutions to my REAL problems and even though it’s not always pretty, I am finding ways to truly live my best life, show up for myself and be better in all aspects of my life and business. I have devoted myself to helping women entrepreneurs experience life with intention and giving them actionable tools to find more success how they see it. 

I am so excited to be able to offer some effective tools and advice to help your business and your personal growth resemble your passion in life.  I want to help make a bigger impact in your life and help you find a solution!

I am hosting webinars, more learning tools and speaking engagements. I would love to see you in the next one!