What's for Dinner!

New Years Resolution Eat Healthy

We all make them... but we get busy, we get off track, life happens right? Next thing we know it's June and we are trying to look and feel great in a swim suit!! The problem is we hold onto TRYING to eat clean and healthy. But what if it was just a natural habit that we form? A typical meal consists of delicious healthy foods?  I challenge you, try to incorporate ONE NEW healthy meal weekly and pretty soon the only thing you will be making ( or craving) is fast and healthy food! Here are some DELICIOUS healthy meals! These recipes are not mine but you can click on the recipe to get all the info! 


Check out this TASTY Flatbread recipe by Thecozyapron.com  Yum! 




Be sure to check out Orginizeyourselfskinny.com  for all her awesome recipes! 




I LOVE a killer fish taco! Fish tacos are a perfect way to still incorporate great flavors with guilt free pleasure! This recipe is from Iseabeleats.com